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In today’s Baton Rouge Business Report’s Daily Report publication.

Poll: Majority back baggy pants awareness campaign
Fifty-five percent of people who responded to a Daily Report poll say the city-parish should support a public awareness campaign against the wearing of super-baggy pants by men. Forty-three percent say the city-parish shouldn’t get involved in such an awareness campaign and 2% were undecided. More than 1,200 people participated in the survey. Metro Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle has introduced a motion on the measure that is set to be discussed at the Sept. 22 Metro Council meeting.

We really don’t have much else to worry about around here, do we?

Am I missing something, or is this really the direction Baton Rouge should be taking?

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“Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” :: Music that makes me glad to be a music fan

So this was a post I thought of on my way home tonight, not necessarily a top list of music, but just music that, through the course of time, I am glad I stumbled across.

I “have a want” to continue this little series. If you have some good music to share, please do in the comments. I’ll give anything a listen once!

“The Best Ride” by Stereo Fuse
You may remember Stereo Fuse’s late 90’s hit “Everything” which was ballad-like. This one is much more upbeat.

“Banditos” by Refreshments
I can’t hear this song and not smile. This is good fun wrapped up into a catchy pop-rock song with a powerful guitar solo.

“Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction
I was reminded of how much I like this song last week, when I heard a bassist doing a sound check to the opening of this song. The bassline stands out tremendously, but Steven Perkins should be recognized as one of the most under-credited drummers of all time. That guy can play!

“Love and Memories” by Of A Revolution (O.A.R.)
I’ve got a couple versions of this song performed live, [side note, if you like live albums find any and every O.A.R. live album, I’d venture to say ‘life changing’] and it is amazing to see how the song almost takes a new mood each time.

“Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison
Admission of omission here.. I had not paid much attention to Van Morrison until a cover of this song was worked into some Zac Brown Band live stuff that I really enjoyed. There is something so uniquely different, yet so simple about this one that I just want to hear it again.

“Julius” by Phish
Another fun song on this list by a band that is ‘hit or miss’ with me. I am not sure if I am just not in the mood for fifteen minutes songs all the time, or if I just can’t relate to the songs. Maybe I’ll have to listen to it all again this week to continue my internal discussion with myself and the person I think is talking back to me.


No particular order, no top five or ten list. Just some good songs.

Any to share?

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May Staci Pepitone Rest in Peace

We are gathering photos for a memorial to Staci Peipitone on Tuesday, this week-Please send them to

We are looking for any photos that include Staci or any photos of Staci-planned events or activities on the LSU campus. As she meant so very much to so many of us, we seek to honor her memory and continue her admirable work.

Staci Ann Pepitone, 43 years young and a resident of Baton Rouge Louisiana, peacefully passed from this world on March 11, 2010 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Staci was a beloved daughter, friend and mentor to many and she leaves behind a great legacy of thoughtfulness, compassion, leadership and friendship. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Staci was a graduate of Wright State University, and an alumna by choice of Louisiana State University where she was pursuing a degree in Higher Education Administration. Staci served in various roles during her employment at LSU including the LSU Union and most recently as the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor in the Division of Finance and Administration. She will be best remembered on campus for her creation and work with such programs as Groovin’ on the Grounds, Homecoming, Idea Walls, Concert promotions and her work on various movie sets. She changed the lives of her students and colleagues daily with her generosity, honesty, ease in finding solutions to difficult problems, her vision of inclusiveness, and most importantly, her steadfast friendship.Staci leaves behind her beloved mother, friend, and confidant, Brenda Pepitone and a host of family and friends to numerous to count, who’s hearts are deeply grieving. She is also survived by her father, Anthony Pepitone, Jr. Staci is proceeded in death by grandparents, Martha and Nick Kolentus and Anthony and Alberta Pepitone.All are invited to celebrate the life of our beloved Staci Pepitone.Tuesday, March 16, 2010Christ the King Catholic Student Center, LSU8:00-9:00AM Visitation9:00-9:30AM Memorial Service 9:30-10:30AM Mass of Christian Burial celebrated by Fr. Paul Yi. Immediately following, friends and colleagues are invited to join in a dedication of the Staci Pepitone Oak on the LSU Parade Ground and afterwards for refreshments and fellowship at the African American Cultural Center. LSU friends are encouraged to enjoy the day by walking to the services.. All others may park in the visitor’s center. Per Staci’s wishes, guests are encouraged to wear purple and gold victory attire. In lieu of flowers, friends are asked to make a contribution to the Staci Pepitone Oak Endowment. Once the endowment is fulfilled, a scholarship for student leadership development will be created in Staci’s honor.Checks made payable to:
LSU Foundation
Mail to:Staci Pepitone Oakc/o LSU Foundation
3838 West Lakeshore Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
On the check note: Staci Pepitone Oak

Or go online to:



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Baton Rouge Bond Proposal :: Please vote with your head, not your heart

I’ve spoken publicly (see:facebook) about the fact that today, I am voting ‘NO’ for the bond proposal on the ballot for East Baton Rouge parish voters. All I hope that you take a little time to do is look at this objectively.

In much of the promotion, all I continue to hear is that ‘this will make Baton Rouge the next great American city.’ As much as I want Baton Rouge to be a great American city, I disagree that this is the way we get there.

We don’t get there by taking a chance that another arts/entertainment venue will help spark a downtown revival, we get there by adding competitive jobs, industry and careers for our residents inside of our city/parish. I’ve often heard the argument that ‘we need arts/entertainment before industry will come here’ and I agree to that statement, but where I disagree is that arts come first. Industry has to be drawn and fostered first then lets compliment it where I can get a glass of wine and an art gallery.

I would still be inclined to vote for the proposal sans ‘Alive’ – we do need the infrastructure improvements and that is an investment we can afford. It is a crying shame that this has to be a package deal, even if it would shave years off the bond payback, according to projections.

I am not wholeheartedly against taxes and completely understand the idea that we need to take ownership in our future, I get that. What I will not take sitting down is what I consider a bad proposal, coupled with bad assumptions and unattainable projections that has a fancy catch phrase and an endorsement from every name and organization ‘in the know.’

You know where I stand, and I don’t expect to change your mind. I only hope I have provided a dissenting opinion that makes sense, unlike some of the other dissent I’ve heard.


-I do like Kip Holden as mayor, think he’s done a great job. I just happen to disagree w/him on this one issue.
-Baton Rouge is a great capitol city and college(s) city, one of the best. However, we’ve become a commuter city because of it. Only industry and career-jobs place enough permanence in our area to maintain. Our economy does not need to be based on tourism, instead a willing commitment to reward those who live and work (therefore contributing) here.


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My Veterans Day Thank You

Today (like most days) I continued to live my life on my terms, where my choices and responsibilites are my own – now that is freedom and that is why today I am continually thankful for our veterans of past, present and future – GEAUX USA! Thank you for your service to our country – hope you enjoyed the day!

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Google placing value in dashboard

Just in case we have not caught up in some time, I switched jobs about a year ago this month. I joined a much larger, worldwide organization in their business intelligence unit. Since then, most of my work has been generating reporting templates and publishing dashboards. Which is why this article caught my eye.

Sure, we can get into theory about visual intelligence, summation strategies and usability, but this isn’t really the place. I’ll admit – not too many places would be ‘the place’ for that discussion.

Whats important is two things. The first is that google is adapting in the world of quick and consolidated information, meaning business intelligence will continue to be a driving force of business since Google is an ‘opinion leader’ for both business standards and technology adaptation. The second is that now you can see what google knows about you – and you are allowed to be frightened by that!


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I Used to Blog

I’ve had this website for some time now (roughly under a year) and I continue to neglect driving it in the direction I would like to take it eventually.

Thinking to the future reminded me of the past. I kept up a blog called ‘The Heisman Run’ for about two years (05-07) and took a couple minutes to enjoy some of the things I’ve written in the past. I’m glad to share, if you’d like to listen.

I used to blog…

about my obsessive hatred for ‘buzzword nasty’ writing

about my initial discovery of my psoriatic arthritis

about the first time I tried to adjust to contacts (so far, attempt #2 has been more successful)

about great concerts I had attended at that point

about my reflections on the first time I heard Mitch Hedberg

about my utter disgust with Brittany Spears’ lack of financial support for South Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina

Here’s hoping there will be a successful return to blogging –


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